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Aperçu Biomos

Play as a planet and create life!

How to play?

Audience award

Biomos has just won the prestigious FLIP 2023 Trophy in the green-game category ! 🥳

FLIP 2023 audience award

A board game

You play as young planets, evolving relatively peacefully in a far-off galaxy. As you reach your first billion years, you all take on the universe’s greatest challenge - the creation of life! 🌱

Biomos game preview

A community

Behind the creators of the game, there is a whole community of players who defend Biomos. Thanks a lot! 💚

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Author · Gricha German
Illustrator · Baptiste Perez
Soundtrack Composer · Zirio
Creative Director · Yoann Brogol

About Subverti

Biomos development

A timeline of the Biomos adventure

  1. Concept ✅

    July 2020
    The prototype caught our attention, it is excellent and in line with our values, here we go!

    Concept ✅
  2. Mechanism ✅

    Summer 2020
    The game mechanics work, they are enticing and harmonious, yum.

    Mechanism ✅
  3. Theme ✅

    Autumn 2020
    The theme and universe of the game are finely defined in order to serve the objective of the game.

    Theme ✅
  4. Development ✅

    Years 2021-2022
    Testing, balancing and adjustments, everything must be perfectly ready before launch!

    Development ✅
  5. Illustrations ✅

    Year 2022
    The design and illustrations make the game beautiful and immersive while serving its mechanics.

    Illustrations ✅
  6. Ulule campaign ✅

    29 march to 20 april 2023
    The french crowdfunding campaign on Ulule is a success, we have the necessary funds to produce the game, thank you to the 513 participants!

    Ulule campaign ✅
  7. Production ✅

    Spring 2023
    The final production of the game is underway taking into account the environmental impact.

    Production ✅
  8. Lancement ✅

    Juin 2023
    Hurrah, the Ulule backers receive their packages, time for wild games!

    Lancement ✅
  9. Store release ✅

    7 july 2023
    Following the enthusiasm surrounding the game, it is officially released in all specialized board game stores! Take advantage of this to support the planet, buy local!

    Store release ✅
  10. FLIP Award 🏆

    22 july 2023
    Biomos wins the prestigious FLIP 2023 audience award in the green-game category. Thanks a lot everybody!

    FLIP Award 🏆

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