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Strategic & educational

An interactive and replayable card game about energy ⚡

Klimato board game

Take the power

Build the greenest city of the Klimato planet !

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Klimato box game


Klimato is environment-friendly

  1. FSC® certified

    This label certifies that the cards, the box and the rules come from sustainably managed forests and recycled fibers.

    FSC<sup>®</sup> certified
  2. Made in Europe

    Klimato has been designed in Toulouse, France. The material comes from European forests and is assembled in Bavaria, Germany.

    Made in Europe
  3. Sustainable

    To guarantee a long lasting game, we have chosen the best quality available for cards: 300 g/m2 linen black core.

  4. Compact

    The box is optimized to leave no unnecessary space inside: 13.4 x10.4 x2.4cm, a format that allows you to take it everywhere with you.


Your turn

Will you resist using fossil resources?

€18 · August 2020 delivery · Secured payment 🔒

Fichiers Klimato PNP

Print & Play

Print the game directly at home

Download the PDF Game rules

  1. 1. Download

    Download for free the black and white version of Klimato and the rulebook.

  2. 2. Print

    Print all the pages.
    Eco-friendly hint: print directly on both sides to avoid glue!

  3. 3. Gluing

    Glue the RECTO with the matching VERSO. RECTO 1 with VERSO 1, RECTO 2 with VERSO 2, etc.

  4. 4. Cutting

    Cut out all the lines following the dotted lines if you can.

  5. 5. Recycling

    Put the pieces of paper in the paper bin can to practice sorting.

  6. 6. Coloring

    Color the cards without going overboard if you want to add a personal touch to your game.

  7. 7. Protection

    Sleeve your cards if you want to increase the lifetime of your game.

  8. 8. Bravo

    Your game is ready! Last but not least: play and try to save the planet.

Klimato hurricane


Learn more about the climate emergency

  1. Reports

    Discover the IPCC reports on the consequences of climate change and possible strategies to deal with it.


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