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Dédale preview

Alchimie du jeu Toulouse 2024

Alchimie du jeu

Dédale is a cooperative board game designed for the Alchimie du jeu Toulouse! An original creation to support the festival on the theme of 2024: mythology.

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The myth

According to Greek mythology, King Minos of Crete entrusted a titanic mission to the architect Daedalus: to build an inextricable labyrinth where no one could escape. The purpose of this building was to imprison forever the fearsome half-man, half-bull creature known as the Minotaur.

Dédale board game, ongoing

The creation

Dédale is a creation from Toulouse, made in Europe with the greatest respect for the environment. Thanks to the Alchimie du jeu, the local MALT designer collective, the authors Jérémy Partinico and Romaric Galonnier as well as the illustrator Baptiste Perez.


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