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Have you created a board game?

Good, we are a board game publisher

⚠️ Currently we are not looking for new proposals! ⚠️
We are a young publisher of modern board games with a committed and green approach. Your game is rhythmic and lasts less than half an hour? You are in the right place!

We need some infos: name of your game, theme, duration, target audience, players number and mechanisms used. If your game makes us dream, we will get back to you and the adventure can begin!

  1. 1. Pitch

    Pitch your game by email

  2. 2. Prototype

    If your game interests us, we ask you to send us a prototype

  3. 3. Test

    We test your prototype in Toulouse

  4. 4. Development

    If we like your prototype, we develop the game with you

  5. 5. Contrat

    When your game is ready, we sign a contract with you

  6. 6. Material

    We select an ecological material made in Europe

  7. 7. Illustrations

    We make the final illustrations with a graphic designer

  8. 8. Final prototype

    We produce some test boxes

    Final prototype
  9. 9. Crowdfunding

    We launch the marketing campaign with a crowdfunding on Ulule

  10. 10. Launch

    Yeah ! The fundraising campaign is a success, we launch the final production


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