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Dictopia booklet rules


Learn to play Dictopia

Download the rules (PDF)

How to play

Discover a preview of Dictopia in this 3 minutes video.

📃 Scoresheets

No more scoresheets? Don't panic! Download and print new scoresheets directly at home.

Download the scoresheets (PDF)

🔊 Soundtrack

For complete immersion in the world of Dictopia, play with the game's official soundtrack.

Listen to the soundtrack


  • How many Letter cards per player?

    In each round, distribute 8 new Letter cards to each player.
  • How long does a round take?

    Each round lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Can we exceed the number of Eyes?

    To get the 3 bonus points, you must have exactly the requested number of Eyes. If you exceed or do not reach the number of Eyes, you simply do not have the Eyes bonus for this round.
  • What does “Dictopia” mean?

    Dictopia is a made-up word. It is a polysemous word, meaning it has several meanings. Dict thus refers to both the Dictatorship and the Dictionary. Topia for its part refers to the Greek topos, meaning the place. Finally, the whole thing recalls the sound of Dystopia, the theme of the game!

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